November 18 2013 Monday at 12:13 PM



My boyfriend and I just came back from New York where we went for work, holidays and scouting. Looking at our pictures now I still can't believe how lucky we were. We had ten days full of sunshine, marvelous fall colors, wonderful people, excellent coffee and the cutest dogs ever seen! 

Marc signed up for the New York Coffee Guide, and made a list with the best coffee places on our way. We liked Blue Bottle most so far, but we'll come back and double check as soon as possible. : ) 

On the first day we took a walk over the Williamsburg bridge...
Everything seemed so exciting and full of wonder to us... 

As we are both nuts about dogs the halloween dog parade was definitely a highlight for us. I'm not quite sure if all the little fellows liked it so much, but they made the people smile a lot. We took a few pictures of our favorite costumes.

After three nights in Brooklyn we moved to Lower East Side and checked out the neigborhood including the rooftop! YAY! 

Culture and dogs again on the next day.. to be honest we found these bunch of doggies more interesting then the Guggenheim. ; )

Riding a bike through the wide streets of the city with its skyscapers felt amazing! We went all the way from Grand Central to the Williamsburg Food Market.

Woohoo. We had a great time. Thank you New York! We clinked glasses and enjoyed this impressive scenery from a hotel bar in Brooklyn.