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"EARLY are the latest hip German accessory label we’ve spied on our radar, and hooked is the only way to cover it. They are like the cool kid at the party that’s doing everything cool and you wanna be in their gang. Their ability to cater for every event a handbag accessory is essential for they do it, and they do it WELL.

As their bags are leather they’re not vegan; however they use vintage stock or vegetable-tanned, chrome free and organically coloured leather, that is then further processed.

Their 4V is essentially a large slouchy tote, but not just any old tote; it’s simple, comes in sensual shades, completely versatile and an excellent size to fit everything in you need: scarf, glasses, monies, additions, camera, lunchbox, anything really, you got it!

Then there’s the Classic Hipbag my favourite bag of this collection. It’s the perfect size for a festival, a night out, running errands and other menial annoying life tasks. You’ve got your essentials in there and you’re free to just dance, move, whatever the day or night away. You could possibly even use it for popping to the gym or to yoga- go crazy. At just under £200 it is quite pricey for such a bag; but when you’re not having to scrabble away for your Oyster or purse because it’s just hanging their, in this little baby, you’ll forget all about it. Also, suitable for cycling and looks likes it’s a staple keeper. Paying attention to simple details that make life special.

The beautiful baby sister of the Classic Hipbag is the Slim Hipbag This is loved for pretty much all of the above, in addition to the cute little eyelets. So cute I die.

The V Clutch. This bag also beautiful and versatile – see, they’re really good at that, aren’t they? It revs up the sophistication factor and seems a bit more grown up than the rest of the collection, more suited to dinner dates and such elegant, lady activities. Unfortunately, my lifestyle would not be fitting with this- I’m more sling on the hipbag at a festival to ensure I’m not losing my lip balm and coin purse kind of girl- but, more sophisticated ladies out there, I’m sure this would rock your socks and this ones for you.

The rest of their collection is distinctly beautiful too, all available on their site." 

Text: Avocado Please