November 20 2014 Thursday at 10:30 AM




About This Product

For the Gestalten x Early Smart Neck, the neck pouch gets a total makeover emerging as a slick unisex product as practical as it is stylish. Capable of holding all of life’s essentials while out and about, the Smart Neck frees up the hands of its wearer and does away with bulging pockets. Wallet, keys, and phone hang safely around the neck, while adding a nice accent to both masculine or feminine ensembles. To allow for easy operating of smartphones, the back of the wallet has a window with touch sensitive foil. The Gestalten x Early Smart Neck is made from vegetable-tanned, chrome free, organically colored leather produced in Bavaria. The bag is manufactured in the Frankfurt am Main region in Germany and is available in four colorways: Black/BlackBlack/GoldTan/Brown, and Tan/Gold.