May 29 2012 Tuesday at 10:36 AM


Guys, we’re so excited! EARLY is on the line. After some intense days of being glued to the screen we’re now taking off, celebrating our project, the lovely weather including a confetti rain out of the studio window and the beauty of life itself! 

Today is the perfect day for celebration, especially as a Frankfurt local: It’s Wäldchestag, baby! A very charming annual holiday. Okay, we admit, the "little wood day" is not a REAL holiday, it's more like a Volksfest taking place in the forest where the city people can have an extra day of leisure, of hanging outside and celebrating … well, nothing in particular but the woods and the sun. However, to us it’s normal – because the forest rocks.

Before you head off, have a look at our brandnew shop ... Thanks to Tobi, Lena, Flo, Vera, Micha, Suska, Jan, Cem and Juli for the great support. 

( phonetic order ; )

And now: See you in the woods!

Love, Valerie