July 12 2013 Friday at 05:20 PM


Hello lovers! After weeks of packing and preparing we made it to Capsule at Fashion Week Berlin in one piece. Have a look at our booth and everything. We had so much fun.

Very EARLY and still a bit sleepy. Coffee anybody? No, Caramel! At least this is our new color for SS14 like the 4V BAG in the display.

Even if it doesn't always work out (phew), it's such a relief to be well organised. Look, the SMART NECK is a perfect tool for running around at the exhibition. The notes fit inside, too.

We were very blessed to have tons of positive feedback to our brand and the philosophy behind.

To make sure that everything turnes out the best way possible for us we used a little magic: We buried little packages with snippets of the EARLY material in the ground. As it is a freely adapted ritual from our cute Russian line mangager Vera, we call it schnassdoo. Lol. 

Now that's gonna provide loads of good fortune for real.