May 07 2024 Tuesday at 12:45 PM


This is early, moon clutch, black, eco leather, made in germany, ykk zipper

Dearest Friend of EARLY,

One year ago while we were on a family vacation I made the decision to give up the brand in order to concentrate fully on family-life and the calling to work in the fields of energy and spirituality.
I felt overwhelmed and was convinced that I didn't have what it takes to make EARLY as successful as it could potentially be.

So I focused on finding a buyer for many months and was ready to let it go.
I felt very lucky to have found a way that the brand could live on and I could pass on everything that I had created during the last 11 years.

Towards the end of the year, I started noticing that the energy had shifted, the decision that had felt so right before didn’t feel right anymore.
I wrestled with my decision for many days, trying to force a final deal, until I noticed that I had to listen to my gut instinct instead. And so I made the decision to step back from selling the brand after all.

It was one of the toughest decisions of my life because I had this clear vision of what I thought my life should look like. I was longing for more clarity, more focus less things to juggle simultaneously…

I wanted to create time and space to make room to work with the Human Design training that I had spend 8 months of my time on (and invested a lot of money in)
I felt called out when I realized I hadn’t even considered my human Design authority after I made the decision to give up the brand. I had made all the decisions with my mind, which is the opposite of what HD teaches us!
When I had this realization I acted accordingly and called off the sale.

I fell into a freeze response for weeks not knowing what I wanted, at first I thought I wanted to find another buyer. But over time it got clearer and clearer that I probably can’t really sell EARLY because it is a big part of me and it probably won’t be EARLY without me.

I even had a tarot session to clarify how to go on. In the reading with my wonderful cousin @acharmingreading both paths, selling and keeping the brand where equally positive. The keeping path started with the fools card, which represents starting over, starting again from the beginning. So after this period of realizations and integration this is what I intend to do. Starting over, from the beginning. Reshaping, restructuring everything…

I have a vision for the brand that also includes collaborating with others to make it more efficient and successful.

I‘m calling in the right people to support me on this journey, if you feel like you could help, I'm happy to talk!"

I'm also asking for your help directly. EARLY is a small business without financial resources at this point. You all know how Instagram can be a portal for success, so I ask you to like and share my content, tell your friends about the quality of the products if you already own a piece, and invite your friends to follow me to help me reach the right people. Thank you so much for your love and understanding!

lots of love